TRENDING: Nigerians Compare Prince Harry to Peter Okoye (Mr P.)

Prince Harry and Peter Okoye
Prince Harry and Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye also known as Mr P, is currently trending and here is why.

Nigerians have likened the singer to Prince Harry who stood by his wife Meghan Markle, as they battled the Royal family.

Recently, the couple granted an interview where they detailed the royal struggles.

As Nigerian women and men continue to praise Prince Harry for standing by his wife, a certain Twitter user asked if any Igbo man was capable of being like Harry; “I just love the way Harry is standing firmly by Meghan. Can never be an Igbo man,” Chinny Billions (@Chinnyb_) said.

Well, according to Nigerians, Peter Okoye is that man who stood by his wife and damned all the consequences.

About a year back, the P-Square camp was hit by crisis which saw them dissolve the group. Now, both acts are by themselves, Mr P. and Rudeboy.

See what Nigerians have to say about Peter Okoye;


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