Transactional Sex: Falz Reiterates He Will Always Speak Against It

Falz the Bahd guy

In case you missed it, Falz just dropped his already buzzing LP, ‘Moral Instruction‘, his fourth studio album.

The internet, Twitter especially are reacting wildly to the album which was released a few hours ago. Falz ‘Moral Instruction’ bares a socio-conscious tone throughout the 9 tracks as he touched issues in politics, police, religion, internet fraud (yahoo yahoo), prostitution aka runs girls etc.

Out of all the issued touched on the album, transactional sex seemed to raise the ire of Nigerians as they chastised Falz for saying his truth about the subject matter. Tweets poured in, in that regards

The award-winning rapper and actor has unapologetically replied those bothered about his views on transactional sex as shared in his album. Falz said he is personally against it and would always speak up against it too.

‘Shamelessly, I will continue to say, I detest transactional sex’, Falz said in a new video as a reply to his critics. Watch the clip below to hear all he said.


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