Top Nigeria’s Badminton players begin a quest for Olympic qualifier in Egypt


Nigeria and the best African players Dorcas Adesokan, Anuoluwapo Opeyori, and Godwin Olofua will begin their search for the Olympic qualification at the 2019 international tournament in Egypt. The tournament will take place on Thursday, but the trio will join now, the action on Friday at the main tables during the round of 16.

The competition will end on Sunday. Adesokan (a first player from Africa), Opeyori (a second player from Africa) and Nigeria’s second-best player, Olofua, will compete in the singles competition. Opeyori and Olofua will also fight in Double Gentlemen.

After the tournament in Cairo, Nigerian stars will travel to Algiers to participate in the 2019 Algeria International Championship, which will take place from October 24 to 27, and then return home. The search continues with a tight and physically demanding calendar in Cameroon International from November 14 to November 17 and the Scottish Open from November 20 to November 24.

The international organization of Zambia organized from November 28 to December 1 and a series of other competitions in South Africa, Italy, and Sweden, among others. According to the Nigerian Badminton Federation (BFN), this desire is to ensure that players accumulate as many ranking points as possible to stay in the race for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The players, who have shown themselves ready to face the rigorous and demanding tasks that lie ahead, have assured BFN their determination to give the best of their skills during tournaments. Opeyori said they were ready for the next task by congratulating BFN for believing in the players’ ability to deliver the products.

He said that playing well in many tournaments would help them accumulate enough points to reach Tokyo. “I hope we all go to Tokyo. We are prepared for the task that lies ahead and we have trained well. All we have to do is do our best in these tournaments,” Opeyori said.

The BFN does not neglect any effort to achieve the primary mission of securing seats at the Tokyo Olympics.

He recalled that Nigeria had increased its medals in the XII Pan-African Games in Morocco, winning 3 gold medals in badminton, basketball, and weightlifting. The Nigerian news agency (NAN) reports that the Nigerian team beat Algeria 3-0 in the mixed badminton competition at Ain Chock Hall in Casablanca.

The couple formed by Enejoh Abah and Peace Orji set the tone when they sent the Algerian combination of Kocella Mamaeri and Linda Maziri 2-1 in mixed doubles.

The battle was not easy, with the Algerians winning the first game 21-16. The Nigerians fought in the second game to win 21-18. The Nigeria team also took the third game 21-19.

Anuoluwapo Opeyori beat Algerian Youcef Medel Sabri 2-0 to win the singles. The first match was difficult, but Opeyori won 23-21 before winning the second match with relative ease, with a 21-11 victory.

Dorcas Adesokan completed Nigeria’s defeat by beating Halla Bouksani 21-13, 21-14. Nigeria also beat Mali 21-20 to win the gold medal in women’s basketball 3 * 3.

The Nigeria team also won bronze medals in the men’s category. In weightlifting, the Nigerian team also won a gold medal, four silver medals, and four bronze medals.

Kalu King won a gold medal in the men’s 55 kg category. He also won a silver and bronze medal. Augustina Nkem won three silver medals for Nigeria in the women’s 49 kg weightlifting category. Nkem raised a total of 161.

He lifted 71 kg on his first attempt, lost his second attempt and gained 74 kg on his third attempt. Nkem failed his first attempt and raised 93 kg in his second and third attempts at cleaning and pulling.

Stella Peter won three silver medals for Nigeria in the 45 kg weightlifting category. Peter lifted 71 kg on his first attempt, failed his second attempt and gained 74 kg on his third attempt.

He missed his first attempt and increased 93 kg in his second and third cleaning attempts. Peter had a total of 138 kg in the women’s category below 45 kg.

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