Tony Tetuila’s ‘Hit my Car’ is a remake of an iconic Nigerian song. Find out more here


It’s always a great thing to find that our favourite hits borrow lines from other songs. Whether it’s Burna Boy sampling Fela or Ayüü sampling Craig David. In the spirit of throwbacks, here’s a fact about Tony Tetuila’s 2001 hit single “My Car”

In 1973, Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey made a song titled ‘Oyinbo Repete’. The song itself referred to Lagos traffic jams.

Well, Tony Tetuila borrowed from that throwback song in his time to make the hit throwback song of our time.

Tetuila’s Hit my car shot him into limelight and till this day, if no one remembers Tony Tetuila. All you need to do is sing the Oyinbo Repete line and someone is most likely to remember.

Credits to the Chief Commander though. Legends are forever.



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