Tiwa Reacts Bitterly to Twitter User Who Placed her Name Side by Side “Ashawo”


Tiwa Savage, one of Nigeria’s leading entertainers, has reacted bitterly to a Twitter user who placed her name side by side the word “ashawo”.

“Duduke is for people in good and healthy relationship… Ashawo relax Tiwa Savage will soon sing your own.”

Ashawo means prostitute in Nigerian pidgin English.

Another Twitter user who spotted the tweet, also reacted badly to the post. She wondered why someone as hard working as Tiwa Savage, should be placed in the same sentence with ‘ashawo’.

“How is this funny. How can you put tiwa savage, a hard working woman and ashawo in the same sentence? This is so disrespectful,” the fan reacted.

This gave rise to other reactions as another twitter user reacted. She said Nigerian women are always trying to pull Tiwa Savage down.

She added that for someone who works hard enough to place Nigeria on the world map, it is not fair on her (Tiwa Savage).

“Nigerian women are always pulling Tiwa Savage down woow… She’s one of the few African women who put the continent on the map but the disrespect she receives from these women is disgusting.”


Tiwa reacted bitterly to the tweet. She wondered why women in other countries stand by their own and Nigerian women cannot do same.

She further said; Maybe she should have remained in the U.S to continue making music.

“It’s always been like that, I doubt it will ever change. Maybe I for just jeje dey yankee dey sing my rnb because I see how hard the Rihanna navy, beehives, barbs protect their own,” she wrote.

See her reactions below.


  1. I wish I could see that bastardized that say this rubbish to my sweet girl, no matter what I love you tiwa sexy

  2. Tiwa I love you all the time, don’t mind that idiot that will still come to your instagram page and ask for giveaway… Lazy ass bitch, she will not hustle but still troll on someone that wish to.

  3. If she dey Yankee,she no fit make am. Na Nigeria help her career. Nobody know am before. Make she dey thank Nigerians oo. All the same,babe laugh the stuff away. You know naija people. I guess they said that because u practically go naked most times. All is well


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