Tito Da. Fire Pens Heartfelt Tribute On OJB Jezreel’s Last Production And Co-Writing – Imagination

Tito Da Fire
Instagram followers today woke up to see a story by Tito Da Fire which brings tears to the eyes. Tito a singer, OAP and Grinding Records CEO was a long-term collaborator and friend of OJB who produced his 2003 hit Majekaja, attached the artwork for@Titodafire ImaGINation, a song produced by late OJB Jezreel and Co-written by him.
Sadly OJB never got to hear the finished work. 
Read the story below;

I cried most of Tuesday when the news of #OjbJezreel broke, cos we shared a bond dating back to 2003, when he produced #Majekaja for #Gent2Men[myself & Mickey my brother]. That song became an instant hit. He produced several other songs like YES O, Pepper, Celebrate, Oyin Momo and some unreleased material. #ImaGINation was one of the last songs OJB produced and co-wrote, but never got to hear the completed song. After he produced the music, I took it home and few days later brought back the recorded Chorus and upon hearing it, He immediately screamed that he loved the chorus, and right there in his living room with his wife Mama J, Korede and Emmanuella his last child jumping and playing with him, we recorded the sketch for the verse on my iPhone. Only change OJB wanted on the song was verse 1 parts where I wrote this line "what if T.Billz couldn't pay the bills…but Tiwa tried to Savage the marriage, we wouldn't need pills from the Doctor, SID ,2Baba and Don Jazzy…" Ojb said we should remove that line cos it would be too controversial and hard on T.Billz and Tiwa Savage. Hence that line was taken out.Dj BOOMBASTIC and CityPluggers boss SLIZZ Da.Whizz were in the studio subsequently when we played several songs and Jigga (Ojb) produced a new song for me.Just 2days before Ojb's death, I went to play the final #ImaGINation mix to him, and after waiting for about 2hours (note that when waiting for Jigga, we never count hours or time, cos from as far back as 2003, no matter how long you waited to see OJB, you'd always smile at the end).When Tolani his daughter encouraged me to be patient and told him I was waiting, he sent a message that he needed rest as he had just returned from the Hospital. That made my heart skip, because Jigga confided in me a few days earlier how he had planned shooting videos for his new album but was too weak to go on set on the days of the shoot.So I left and promised to return on Wednesday to play the song to him, Sadly Tuesday the news broke! My heart broke in pieces, cos Jigga would never listen to #ImaGINation, a song he produced&co-wrote,his last writing!I'm in tears now!#ImaGINation OjbTributeSong #OjbCoWroteIt #OJBgoneTooSoon

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