Timaya Responds To Rape Claims By American Based Lady


The Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa, Timaya, has responded to claims of rape by an American based lady, Shella. The lady who accused Timaya of raping her, also released an audio file to back her claims.

However, Timaya released an official statement admitting to the fact that he had sex with the lady but it was consensual and not what she claims it to be. He further revealed that, she’s making this allegations due to the fact that he turned down her request of attending his Atlanta show as a couple.

This is what the Bow Down crooner had to say; ‘I have been talking with this girl for about one year and its funny how someone you think you know can act very hungry and low.how can i leave Nigeria and go to America where the law works to rape anyone? Am I crazy? ‘This girl who had been promising to blow out my brains with sex when she sees me begged to see me when she knew i was in town but i didnt know that she had a hidden agenda.I agreed to see her and she came to my hotel in Atlanta and we got down for real .When we were done and we were chilling,I got a call from my manager that we needed to start preparing for a show.She asked to go with me to the show as a couple but i said no and told her i was there to work.’… 



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