Timaya Comes Under Fire For Having An Undesirable Attitude


Nigerian singer and songwriter Inetimi Alfred Odon, better known by his stage name Timaya, is currently in the cross fire for insulting a journalist who requested for an interview with him.

According to a Punch Newspaper correspondent, Timaya was described as one with an undesirable attitude who needed to enroll for anger management classes.

Sunday Scoop recently ran into the controversial entertainer recently and his attitude left a lot to be desired.

He insulted our correspondent when he was asked for an interview, and it is apparent that he needs to attend anger-management classes.

Put off by his saucy attitude, one of his aides had to apologise on his behalf.

Fans have also criticized him for denying them selfies at the event.

This is officially the first controversy of the year.


  1. Comment: As a public figure, he’s required to grant interviews n take selfies with fans. If he reacts angrily to these, wahala dey!?!
    Bros , am a fan. Take it easy and be nice 😃.

  2. some of these superstars need to understand that theyre nothing without those pesky fans,no matter how talented you are,if no one is listening or care about what you do,then your talent is useless.

  3. Comment:I don’t think taking selfie and taking interviews are mandatory. And am not saying insulting a journalist is good but probably he was not in a good mood.


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