Three Students Burnt Alive For Allegedly Stealing Phones & Laptops


One day “E go Better”, I don’t think i believe that phrase anymore. Nigeria has turn to lawless country. It saddens my heart seeing the pictures of these three young men who were allegedly accused of stealing phones and laptop burnt Alive today.

Aladdin, Ugonna, and Chidiaka were this morning badly beaten and burnt alive by indegenes of Aluu community for allegedly stealing phones and laptops in an off campus hostel. Wether they stole or Not, they have no reason to take their Lives for stealing.

They took law in their lands, burnt them, took pictures and put it online. Three young guys lost their lives today, because of phones and laptop. They stole, Yes or No, death was not the punishment.

I hope they catch the killers and Castrate them.

Image Source:Lindaikeji


  1. I’ve schld in uniport for three yrs nd I knw what Aluu community has suffered in d hands of Armed robbers..students dread that area..its a pity that these boys had to be d scape goats

  2. d Students who stole or d judges(killers)…dont know who’s don better…Short of words,walahi..dis is realy scary…God help dis world!!

  3. Stealing of Laptop and Phone does not required of taking their lives. They should have give them severe punishment for doing so.
    and in another dimension we dont know wheither they robbed the owner of the property with Gun or not.
    all the i did not support the Jungle Justice.

  4. This is insane..I can’t believe people still do these in a civilized world liked dis..ikwere people na wa for una.. ders no hope for nigeria, believe me or nt…I’m deeply filled wit bitterness and anger..just bcof phones and laptops..what of politicians wey dey thief billions..metchew

  5. I pity 4 d occupants of aluu! Dis boix aint No armed robbers pls investigate well. Fine dey were killed today but dis not d true story cos ‎​am an eye witness i live ‎​In aluu for more dan 7yrs opp d place d burning were occured daz divine estate

  6. This is very bad,pure wickedness,is it becos of phones and laptops,God wld judge this killers in their own time *in tears* may their souls rest in peace amen

  7. False stories everywhere, wat I heard is dat the boys were four not three n they were cultist an went on an assignment, they broke into a man’s house stole his money n raped the wife n the four boys were caught by vigilante boys beaten to death and burnt. They boys came from a wealthy home, its a pity we r in a lawless country where ppl do watever they wants. Just feeling for the families of this boys cos it is a very disgraceful act. May God forgive them

  8. It is heartbreaking and painful to receive such news. I can’t sleep nor think straight since the reciept of this news. Please brothers and sisters let love reign. Remember it is not about the first to die but one day everybody must pass the same terrain.

  9. Very shameful and unjustly thing that nigerians @ aluu community has done,GOD will pay them,even if they steal or not.

  10. I love how Naija people are quick to burn common thieves but will hail politicians and businessmen that embezzle millions when they see them. Backward thinking. This is what we do to each other. That e go better is no longer workable.

  11. This is really a breathtaken situation. If they are accused, there’s an appropriate agency (NPF) who are meant to handle d case. Its just an accusation for God’s sake. What if they are innocent of the allegation? This is just too bad from the people of Aluu. The killers should be apprehended at once.

  12. Its in d bible where a prostitute was brought and was abt 2 be stoned nd jesus said if amongst u here if u knw ure innocent be the first to cast ur stone and we knw d remaining story afterwards,among those guys u saw in those pics killing nd burning those boys,almost all of dem are all guilty,for crying out loud no matter d crime dis boys comitted they shldnt have be killed miserably,a mere civil Nigeral now takes laws into their own hand by killing anoda human being all becos he or she comitts a crime,they shld just be handed to the police for judgement,if such crime is comitted in d u.s the police arrest d criminals becos if a civilian takes law into his or her hand such person will also be charged to court,its in Nigeria,where a girl steals a blackberry nd she is dressed naked does dat makes sense at this medivial era,I mean the least we can do is hand such criminal to d police nd then follow up the case wit d police so dat assurance dat such criminal is punished will be certain by so doing justice is done,let the killers of those boys start praying for mercy cos a man that takes another mans live has no conscience.And my advice to young boys nd girls is dat evil doesn’t pay,we all have talents build ur talents well nd use it to fend for ureselves instead of being humilated nd die cheap deaths.God bless Nigeria!!! God bless us all!!!

  13. Students are In trouble In Nigeria, What is all this Rubbish? From Armed men Shooting Students to Community Killing students, And The Fucking Government are Saying Nothin.
    May all Innocent Bloods shed illegally In Nigeria Be Counted On D Killers And D Leaders Who r saying Nothing.
    I Weep for Nigeria.

  14. It doesn’t matter wether aluu community hav suffered from robbers or not,the people had ‎​Ɲ̤̥̝̈̊̊o right †̥ take laws into their hand like that.there’s ‎​Ɲ̤̥̝̈̊̊o difference between those boyz and the community people who burnt them alive,they should be caught n dealt with,,fools…

  15. Pls stop giving the pple wrong information,dat wasn’t wat happened dey didn’t steal laptops nd fones pls.They were sent an assignment to steal to be initiationed into cult,so dey went to steal frm a near by village ALUU close to UNIPORT.The pple frm d village has been suffering frm robbery attack nd dey were neva caught,its happens to be dat dis was deir first tym so the villagers tot dey have been the ones stealing so had to use dem as an example.Ugo is a 200l comp sci in UNIPORT is a vry quiet boi also frm a wealthy home and the only child of his parents.No mata d ofference dey committed doesn’t warranty dem to kill anybody cos our lifes er in hands of the lord becos d killers can’t tell me dey haven’t sinned against God be4.Anyways tank God man nor be God if nt everybody for don die.

  16. Aluu community are very wicked and hopeless people,if you investigate all of them,you will find out that all of them are all high way criminals. Just because of phone and laptops that waste people life,as if they are killing rat….I know too well that our government won’t do anything about it. But when it comes to adding another zero in the office they will do.. Shameless country..I pray that those aluu community boys shouldn’t go court free…my God is a merciful God, may he have mercy on those student…amen

  17. I’m soooo sad for this country. I’m seriously sobbing. The most touchy thing about these is that, these boyz maybe innocent. What a horrible way to die. Naija is soooo f**ked up

  18. Really sad and that is why the gospel must spread fast. People are moving around with the wrong mindset. No change would happen in the community or cultism except they accept the mind of Christ
    We are distributing free copies of raphsody of realities in Christ Embassy to change the mind of men and stop the Devil in his acts. It is the Word of God! Walk up to any christ Embassy church and request free copies of Raphsody of realities, October Edition, distribute until Alu community the campuses and Nigeria be flooded with God’s saving power ; The Gospel!

  19. Really sad and that is why the gospel must spread fast. People are moving around with the wrong mindset. No change would happen in the community or cultism except they accept the mind of Christ
    We are distributing free copies of raphsody of realities in Christ Embassy to change the mind of men and stop the Devil in his acts. It is the Word of God! Walk up to any christ Embassy church and request free copies of Raphsody of realities, October Edition, distribute until Alu community, the campuses and Nigeria be flooded with God’s saving power ; The Gospel!

  20. This is just wrong, so wrong, we should never ever take laws into our own hands. everyone deserves a second chance. I just pray that God would touch the hearts of us all in Nigeria so we wld learn to go the way thats the best for every man involved.

  21. “Let any of you without sin cast the first stone”….these were the words of our Lord, these boys were a bit misguided but they did not deserve such a cruel death, they could have been handed over to the police after they were beaten, seeing this happened in a backward village in nigeria i’m not really surprised. And when politicians the real thieves come to campaign in this community these same people will fall over themselves and look to them with awe and treat them like rock stars. That land called nigeria needs serious healing and purging. RIP to these guys.

  22. So painful I mean very painful may their soul rest in peace bt frnds pls stop saying its the ikwerre’z plz A̶̲̅М̣̣̥̇̊​ an ikwerre and I knw I av conscience. Aluu ppl fear God for his the giver and taker of life nt man ooº°˚˚°º

  23. Ooooh my goooodnesss this is not the right action to take no matter d scenario.for God sake this is in human cos they are students


  25. The Students involved are Cultists, They went to Attack Someone, they were about 5 in number, , so on their way out, A girl saw them and screamed, these alerted people and they attacked them.. One of them escaped and the remaining 4 were caught with Weapons and beaten by a man , Hitting them Mercilessly and bringing them to a slow and painful death.. The man later Got Fuel and poured it in their mouth and lit it., Burning one student!, The man was stopped with the arrival of the police so he couldn’t burn the rest, they were later taken to the mortuary where the families of the deceased Came to claim the corpse…

    The news about Stealing of Phones, Laptops, e.t.c are all Lies, probably in a bid to Stall Investigations.. Since they said they were mobbed!!.

  26. Omo dis south south people wicked OooOoo, dis Wil never happen frm my part of nigeria am very happy am frm the south west niiii

  27. dis is too bad pls lets stand up 4 our right / and not find wu to kill at dis piont……killing is not an option rader it distroy more ….let wu witout sin shud cast d 1st stone & dey all ran away may d lord save us all….amen

  28. dis is painful, young men sent 2 school 2 study turned out 2 b thieves, n their lives taken away by indigines of a community dat are suppose 2 watch over dem. wat is dis country turning into. even d leaders of 2moro are now being killed by touts! y d leaders of 2day steal thiers n go scot free. those killers deserve death by draining their blood.

  29. Oh it is a really painful news,no matter wat these young men has done,they are not suppose to be killed,we are battling wit boko haram in the country,another pple are claimin lives dat dey didn’t create,pls were is the luv my pple?hw many lives did u create? Why are u claiming pple lives?do u knw were ur reward lies? These are the questions I’m leavin to the community dat jst claim human lives nt animals,tink…may the lord av mercy us and on the whole world.

  30. Where is Justice………that was too cruel, nomatter what, indigenes shouldn’t have deny them of there lives, @least they are no killers, the worst they’ll ever be is a cultist. What do we have the police for….now they call them thieves, we are all thieves and may God forgives us all n those cruel villagers cos that was too bad!

  31. Tahh watin be this … Those who kill by sword will also be killed by sword ..let he who hasn’t stolen before stone another man to death ..

  32. everybody knw say 9ja no get law so its better say dem burn theif bcos police no go do dem anytin na just to collect money n free dem n u knw 9ja na those go come get more power to even kill n steal more so if any thief see d way dem tak born dem e go get e lesson

  33. Damn! Even if they stole..even if they ‘re cultists…Whr did Aluu fools kip their Human Feelings?? As far as i’m concerned,Uniport shld revenge..dat Aluu community of heartless beasts shld be ruined..
    As 4 the murderers,, They got sins too…they av no right whatsoeva 2 take lives of men like em..
    This story is totally Sad..whateva d guys myt av done,i Pray they all Rest in peace :(. Cute Guys.
    Nigeria’s a Lawless Country.. I swear..

  34. It shall not ßε̲̣̣̣̥ well with †ђξ people that killed them they W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅ ̄ι̥ι̥ ßε̲̣̣̣̥ forgived by GOD but i pray they suffer b4 they are 4gived you can’t create Α̲̅πϑ you killed by †ђξ way politicians that steal more thwn that nothing I̶̲̥̅̊S̶̲̥̅̊ ever done

  35. Aluu people de blood of diz boiz will be on ur head..nd sowie 2 say ikwere people re jst big foolz..diz boiz do pass una militantz..bastardz..illitrates..4 diz act una children children will neva fynd peace..diz is wickidness 2 human kind..even if dem kill..WHY..humans lyk 4 uniport..I swear dat skul no be skul..waste three handsum boiz 4 nutin..pity 4 dia familiez..may dia soulz rest in peace!!

  36. if man were to be God i wonder wat Aluu people’s community would have done to fellow Nigerian’s a be candid dis is un-fair n i say dis a to them ”dose culprit shall suffer d kingdom of God except dey too have no sin intheir Neck” i sympatise wif d deceased family.may d lord wipe their tears in Jesus name.

  37. Why una de talk as if na today naija begin burn robbers. Una know how many robbers them de burn for lagos everyday. What of warri. What of all the robbers wey bakassi boys hack to death without trial in the east in the 90s. How many bakassi boys did the police arrest. Abi na bcos this one enter internet. Oya o, the nigerian police should arrest everyone that has burnt robbers from 1960 till date. Selective justice is also injustice. End of story.

  38. i̶̲̥̅̊ knw as A̶̲̥̅̊ learned person i̶̲̥̅̊ shud say ɪ̣̝̇τ̲’s against d law Ω̴̩̩̩̥ d accused persons shud b av bin handed ova 2d authority so dat d law can tak ɪ̣̝̇τ̲’s due cos buh I’m sayin dat wat d allu community did 2dem s vry good!if dia s A̶̲̥̅̊ way dey can burn dem 4d second tym dey shuld…I’m sure dats nt d 1st tym d late idiots hav stolen.2me every thief is A̶̲̥̅̊ murder,A̶̲̥̅̊ rapist etc so dey deserve no mercy. i̶̲̥̅̊ wish i̶̲̥̅̊ ws among dos dat burnt dem seF…ma dia souls rest i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d bosom of d devil

  39. Where did nigerians learn how to burn people alive from? Infact nigerians can like to take laws into their hands, I don’t care if those students stole the laptops or phones.. Its not enough to take their lives, if all those aluu community people see real armed robbers( all those ones when dey wear camouflage come main market for warri) them go fit stand???…..ekwere people na witches & wizzards…..tufiakwa

  40. The truth is finally out!!!One of the four boys borrowed some huge amount of money to 1 Aluu boy who is his friend and for a time now d aluu boy has being trying to play smart(not to pay back) and on that faithful friday, d boy (uniport boy) arranged with his other 3friends to surprise his debtor very early in d morning to ask of his money but unknown to him d animal had plans too, after some arguments d aluu boy called his fellows and started shouting that d uniport boys a cultist/thief, after much beating they swear that they must be killed so that d uniport boyz won’t report to police or call other students on them, pls as u read this ask urself some simple questions like y did they insist d boyz must die b4 other student or police will hear, (2) listen very well to what was said in d video, painfully getting those aluu boys to me is as easy as ABC, aluu is a small place, let’s start frm ppl living around d scene, d boy that was owning Him, etc dis hardworking boyz were very happy boyz whom were very popular in organising shows, we ve just lost our future celebrities,media youths, dis are boyz that travel abroad now tell me what’s a laptop to them and where on earth is d laptop they stole????we won’t sleep on dis, noooooo justice must prevail—–phina. Uniports students re rioting in Aluu,dats d evil community dat killed d youths And Gov Rotimi has arrested d chief of d community. We should never let this happen in our country again, cos tomorrow it could b you, ur brother or ur friend. Rebroadcast Truth so their soul can rest in peace.Meanwhile, all of Ʊ dat get annoyd bout broadcast messages….

  41. Queen, you are a witch for saying they should burn them a second time? have you never sinned against God? one day you will have kids and know what it feels like to have your children brutally killed.

  42. For all of yu saying they deserve it may ur own children die like this,this young men are very innocent,may their souls toment they aluu people and may aluu people never see any good thing in life amen,with this tears in my eyes I curse them amen.

  43. For all of yu saying they deserve it may ur own children die like this,this young men are very innocent,may their souls toment they aluu people and may aluu people never see any good thing in life amen,with this tears in my eyes I curse them amen. And queen yu shall die like this and also ur genration amen,queen yu shall never see any good thing in life,ur such a fool.

  44. oh my God um crying um not stop crying,i never see what all this young man do,for them killed with such pain death,omg we ourself killing each other like dog,omg can you see clearing will dont have good government in Nigeria,black man with black thought i hate this country called Nigeria,may this young guys soul rest in peace,for the guy that killed all this young men with pain death,he should know that he has commit crime,can he burn is own chldren like that,i swear to GOD that particular man,is a murder infact he dont have a conscience,that man will have killed many people like that,the man should be arrested and kill excetly like the way he killed those young soul,um crying i never get my self better,only God can console the parent of these guys

  45. how on earth can u burn someone alive? Dis evil styl used to happen in gH yrs ago ba no longer. Its sooooo gruesome nd sad! These guys r sooo fresh nd luk like r frm wealthy homes too. Dis Aluu fools shd kill BOKO HARAM instead, wicked people! OMG, RIP guyz

  46. This is timide,can’t believe such thing can still happen in a country like nigeria at this age.Well,Chidiaka and co,rest in peace,Jah knows all.

  47. Queen your a foolish goat and so is everyone else that ays they deserved this all of u shall one day suffer the same ways fools!!! these boys did not deserve death if u did not give life u have no right to take it!!

  48. saduwa e be like dat lag wey u day, dey intoxticate u, which yan be dt, na cos u no day here (PH) u no try at all

  49. I am not a Nigerian but this hurts my heart so much that i cannot stop my tears from falling. I take it as if they were my own brothers. Young boys with bright futures. I cannot believe that people have the heart to do such brutal act. May their souls rest in perfect peace. May the people that did this act face the worse punishment from God.

  50. I’m suprised since they are niggerians. Got that? n i g g e r i a n s. There’s a reason the place is called nigger ia


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