There’s Only One Condition For P-Square’s Reunion; Peter Okoye Reveals


The popular saying, “Blood is thicker than water”, may apply itself. Peter Okoye of the defunct P-Square group, has again stated the only condition for the defunct P-Square group to reunite.

In a recent interview and as published by Premium Times, the singer revealed that only on one condition would P-Square reunite again and that involves “Respect”.

Apparently, Peter has repeated the same thing he said back in October 2017, where he also pin pointed “respect” as the determining factor.

Peter Okoye who now goes by the name, Mr P said; “Even if that (a reunion) will happen, let it happen with respect, it is not just about the music, there was family before the music and I stand for the Okoyes.”

He further stated that after the break, people had doubted he would last in the industry, but surprisingly, the case is different.

According to him; ”When P Square broke up, People were like, are you sure you can do this all alone, can he make it?

“No, I am not making it, I have done it, I have been killing it, all sold out, just this year alone, I have done like 60 ‘something’ concerts, all sold out, I am blessed.

“Most people actually doubted me, but I know myself, I know what I bring to the table, I am just happy doing what I am doing, there are some things I wasn’t entitled to do as a member of the group, but now I am a boss of myself’.”

Last year 2017, one altercation led to another as music lovers saw the end of its favourite duo, P-Square.

Mr P since his exit, has released tracks such as Look In My Eyes, My Way and Cool It Down.



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