There’s More Details About Nipsey Hussle’s Murder


More details have emerged about the murder of LA rapper, Nipsey Hussle, including details of what led up to the shooting of the celebrated rapper outside his clothing store.

One of the main pieces on info surrounding the incident, as released from the grand jury hearing, is that there seems to be a good amount of surveillance footage from the incident. Quite possibly, much more than the public have had the opportunity to see. This is according to the Los Angeles Times.

Currently, Eric Holder, 29, has been charged with the crime of murder as well as additional counts related to the incident.

According to the reports, a woman identified only as Witness 1 is said to have told officials that she was the one who drove Holder to the location where the murder happened.

Per the report from Complex, “Once they arrived, Nipsey was spotted outside Marathon. While his presence was noted by Witness 1, Holder allegedly had no initial reaction. While Holder waited for an order from Master Burger, he’s alleged to have walked over and spoken with Nipsey several times, with Holder at one point asking him if he had “snitched.”

When Witness 1 drove Holder from the strip mall, he pulled out a semi-automatic gun (which she says she wasn’t aware was on his person at the time) and asked her to drive around the block. Witness 1 then told Holder that she wouldn’t allow “a drive-by” to be instigated from her vehicle. Later, the vehicle was parked (allegedly at Holder’s urging) in a lot near Slauson and 58th Place. Witness 1 was allegedly told to stay inside the vehicle, at which point Holder is said to have exited, with Witness 1 eventually hearing gunshots and becoming worried. Upon Holder’s return to the vehicle, he allegedly told her to drive away and threatened her.

The report goes on to state that Holder spent the night at Witness 1’s mother house and then was refused entry to the apartment the next morning. He then went on to get a hotel room using the witness’s ID.

Shortly after news broke that he was a suspect in the murder, Witness 1 turned herself into authorities.


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