The ‘Up-and-coming’ Name Tag Harms Our Growth — Artiste


The lot of artiste’s who are yet to be successful in the music industry are majorly tagged as ‘up-and-coming’ acts. This has been the usual norm in the industry.

However, Cornelius Kelechi Jideofor, also known as Sweetcorn, has said there is a stigma associated to the tags.

“There is a stigma associated with the term ‘up-and-coming artiste’ which manifests in the way people at times treats you as if they have written you off as someone who has no chance of succeeding in the industry.”

Speaking to The Sun, Sweetcorn expressed the need to stop calling acts ‘up-and-coming’.

Sweetcorn is a rapper and a songwriter. He started off as a chorister.

He started recording in 2009 but later placed his career on hold for school in the UK.

He returned to the music scene in 2018 with his first single titled ‘Don’t Go’.

He is best known for the single ‘Secure the Bag’ which he described as a hustle anthem that he wrote for him and his friends.


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