The Sound Man! Catches Up With Endia For A One On One Interview


Endia popularly known as “Mr 48” or The Sound Man and one of the members of GRIP Boiz shouldn’t be introduced anymore in the music industry as a newbie but one of the super talented people we hear everyday.

Adaoha of Jaguda catches up with the buzzing star for a little chat, and we discuss his music origins, plans for the future, and his daily motivation.

Endia born Ujah Lawrence is from Benue State – Idoma by tribe. He grew up in Jos and joined the school choir in JS2 where he sang in the soprano. Later he joined school band- CSJ Boyz (St Joseph Catholic Schhol) at the time and it was there music became his love.

Q: How was the name “Endia” born?

A: Endia is a name I adopted from my family. My late grand mother used to call me that whenever she saw me & I kinda liked the name. So when I finally decided to settle for music, cudnt think of a better option. Just stuck with that- ‘Endia’.

Q: You have two singles that are very popular right now, “48” and “Raving”, what is your genre of music called?

A: My music, like I said on “48” is a fusion of Afro, hip hop & dancehall/ragga. With all this put together, it makes it kinda difficult to categorize, so I just term the fusion as “Vibrationz”



Q: Vibrationz! Hmm nice. 48 was a hit, produced by Chopstix. What was going through your mind when you were in the studio voicing it?

A: To be honest, I didnt really have anything in mind. Just wanted to do something entirely different. Something that wasn’t common.
Even though I didnt exactly think or imagine it would become a hit as it turned out to be.

Q: Let’s talk Grip Boiz, as a faithful follower of Grip Boiz since my unijos days, you are a part of that talented group, could maybe satisfy abit of our curiosity and give a hint about an album release?

A: Gripboiz/GripMUZIK will put out an album soon, hopefully. We are really interested in strengthening our fan base- as individual artistes [Endia, J-milla, YungL & Chopstix] & also as a team- GripBoiz. Fortunately, that’s coming together fine. So I guarantee every lover & supporter that an album will come forth very very soon. We are continually putting in work to ensure that our fans are satisfied.

Q: Interesting. Do you play any musical instrument?

A: Not really. But am learning to play the keyboard

Q: Music aside, when you are not in the studio, what do you do to chill?

A: When am not in the studio, am either playing game, out hanging with friends, listening to music, reading a book or just chilling watching TV.

Q: Do you have any style icon? If yes, then who? Why do you like that style?

A: Yea most def! In the new generation, I love Kanye West’s style. Because he’s very confident in his style & always dares to try out new stuff in different forms. He could either keep it simple or street & still be on point. That’s just brilliant in regards to style.



Q: Let me drift a bit, what’s the best fashion accessory you like to see on a lady? Why?

A: Err.. I actually do love women fashion & always admire those that keep it 100. With that said, my favorite lady accessory has to be wristwatch.

Q: What accessory will you feel naked without?

A: I’d totally feel naked without my glasses

Q: What motivates you daily?

A: My motivation comes from God & the people around me.

Q: Finally, what next for Endia? New single or maybe an album?

A: Well, an album is definitely gonna come, but for now expect more & more music- singles, collaborations, features. It’s Like That!



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