The Reason Zlatan May Have Snubbed & Denied DJ Cuppy

Zlatan and DJ Cuppy
Zlatan and DJ Cuppy

Fans remain shocked as Zanku master, Zlatan, denied ever knowing DJ Cuppy.

During an interview, the singer was asked if he knew DJ Cuppy and he out-righty said ‘No’.

This has been confusing considering the fact that both acts have recorded a single together.

Gelato‘, the title of DJ Cuppy’s song which featured Zlatan was considerably a hit and also enjoyed massive airplay.

Last year, the DJ had called out Zlatan for blocking her on all social media platforms. Zlatan gave no reason for his actions neither did he respond to her tweet. Till date, there has been no official reason.

However, we came across a tweet from a fan asking DJ Cuppy if the rumors were true.

According to the write up, DJ Cuppy, till date, has not paid Zlatan for the feature on her song.

“She also took Zlatan to Abuja, for fund raising, where she made billions of naira, and didn’t even remember Zee for one kobo,” Isrealdmw wrote.

He added that Zlatan paid for accommodation for he and his guys from his pocket and was not refunded.

These are unconfirmed claims but is the rumors are true, could this be the reason for Zlatan’s cold shoulders towards DJ Cuppy?

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