The Okoye Brothers Peter, Paul and Jude Donate N5 million to OJB | Iyanya Also Gives N1 million

P-Square OJB
P-Square OJB
P-Square OJB
P-Square OJB

We cant say all the celebrities are not trying to do their part to save OJB as the Okoye brothers, Peter, Paul (P-Square) & Jude have donated N5 million to help save OJB. They personally delivered the check to OJB when they went to visit him at his home in Surulere, Lagos.

Joy Tongo, the group’s agent in the US also confirmed the story via her social media page.



In addition, Iyanya & his manager Ubi Franklin donated 1 million to help the ailing producer.

There’s been a lot of goodwill pouring from both celebrities and fans, and many who might not be able to donate have sent their blessing and prayers and support.



  1. Jah bless y’all that donate for Ojb, Even tho I’m not rich enough to donate for your treatment but all day all night I keep praying for you…

  2. Our God no dey sleep…. He will alwayz make a way. Thankz to Okoye family nd Iyanya too, una too much. I wish safe Transplant to OJB

  3. Thank God for all ya… God would continue to bless the Okoye brothers and all of you that have contributed so far… Iyanya God bless u too…

  4. Psquare may good lord pay u back, may u rise above other celebrities, u shall fined favour from God, kn weapon function against. U are bless, and kn sickness will before u guys. You have made us the fan happy, ur music shall be accepted all over the world. The sky is ur limit, bcos you are already under God blessing

  5. Tenk God 4 d okoye brothers,iyanya and others dat av donated 2 save ojb,and also d well wishers,may God bless u all,as 4 ojb,I wish him successful operation and sound health(amen).

  6. God indeed blessed Nigeria.this is exactly what the spririt of brother hood, loveing and caring for each other.OJB quick recovery! To those that donates may God replanish your pocketsAmen!

  7. Tnks so much our p-square nd God blee u 4real u guys ar d best. As 4 OJB U must survive. Quik recovery dearest

  8. Psquare U̶̲̥̅̊ guys are 2much,,see iyanya wey juz strt dis few days fit donate 1m,,watin dbanj 2face nd oder top celeb dey wait 4???psquare nd iyanya,,una no go broke 4 una full life,,mor grease 2 ya elbows,,,gudluck ojb,,I drmt U̶̲̥̅̊ were in d ulter givin tankz 4 a safe transplant U̶̲̥̅̊’ve undagone,,bro let daht cum 2 pass,,aftr ur oprtn I’ll b d wan 2 tak d 1st picx wiv uu…

  9. If U̶̲̥̅̊ kan gv 2milion 2 ur fiance 2 go 4 chopin,y can’t U̶̲̥̅̊ juz gv awt even if’s 5hundred ˚☺k˚°,,4ur own broo,dou ure nt 4rm same pawents,,sum artiste dun spoil dier record wiv me,,4rm ence 4th I’ll b selectiv of d kinda songs I listnd 2…mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeew..


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