The Impersonator Behind Muna Obikwe’s Twitter Account Apologizes To the Public


The person behind Muna Ibekwe’s fake Twitter account caused a lot of  chaos yesterday in relation to the Death of the popular Actor Muna Ibekwe.He dissipated rumours of the death of the  Nollywood actor.

After rains of insults and curses from the public by those who knew it was a fake account, he came out to publicly apologise for his attitude. He said thus:


From all indications, the soul as a cause of testing his internet tweeting skills must have used this medium to loot and scam loads of people.

Readers be careful of internet fraudsters


  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw these new on TV he was the best actor . Why didn’t he ask for help maybe something would have came up . I don’t understand why he chose to keep on dark with his problem as poeple no one is perfect we always seek for help when we are in need . But what can we say now he is gone and we can’t bring him back may his soul rest in peace


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