The Adeleke Rift: I promise to expose you, Davido tells cousin Dele

Davido and Dele Adeleke
Davido and Dele Adeleke

The rift between Davido and his cousin Dele, got a little dirty on social media.

Davido had earlier, called out Dele for wanting to run for governor against their uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, popularly known as the ‘dancing senator’.

This looks like bridging a gap between the cousins.

Some days after, Davido came at Dele for dragging his late mother into the issue. He promised to expose Dele to the people of Osun state.

“Dele, Mr Fake Intellectual, you really dared to cross that line !!! You dared include my Mom’s Death in your lies about me. My mom that fed you and and literally clothed your sorry ass ! It is a shame !!! I promise to expose your ungrateful betraying ass to the whole Osun !!,” Davido tweeted.

Meanwhile, his cousin Dele responded to clear the air. He claimed to have never spoken about his aunty as he would not disrepect her like that.

“Dear David, For whatever this is worth to you, please note that I lost my mother at a tender age like you and would never allow anyone to denigrate her nor her memory. I will NEVER write nor say anything against my Auntie Vero, who I cherish dearly.

“You are the king of social media & you definitely know people take it upon themselves to write whatever they believe will give them clout. So many of your fans came to my SM handles to threaten me and some even asked me to go and die. Did you send them to threaten my life?.

“I seriously doubt it and I do not believe you will do such thing. So, irrespective of politics, please note that I am not that kind of person; I have maintained decorum in the face of provocation and I will continue to do so.

“I respect your decision and choice to support Uncle Demola and that is the beauty of democracy. It is possible we can all make our individual choices without rancour and bitterness. We can all follow different paths and still live as one big, happy family.

“The people of Osun, greatly deserving the best, will give the job to who they so deem fit and may the #Best man win #OSUN2022 You will always remain dear to me. ‘Dele. N.B I earlier sent U this privately via Whatsapp but it remains undelivered hence my resort to Twitter,” Mr Dele wrote.

His cousin Davido, would later respond to his tweet saying; “For ur mind ur plan dey work abi … werey Dele u dey crase ..”

Davido also acknowlegde that family matters, a way of saying it was time to end the rift?

Davido had massively supported his uncle in the last gubernatorial race in Osun state.

He also hosted shows to help campaign for Senator Demola Adeleke. However, his uncle lost to APC’s Gboyega Oyetola.


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