Tekno’s Video Nuggets Are Lighting Up Instagram Right Now


Tekno is a very fascinating individual. While his music is absolutely addictive and highly infectious, his personality is in many ways kinda off. We’d want to say lame, but that might be harsh. But the consensus to a many is that it’s not the best in the world.

Recently Tekno has gotten into the habit of posting little Instagram videos with advice tips, and messages for his fans, and anyone else who cares to listen. The kicker though, is that it’s totally random and unconventional.

In the first of his videos earlier today, he pretty much denounced any talk of “doing music for the passion and love of it.” Yea. That cliche line by many artist was killed by Tekno when he put out that really he does music because of the money & girls. Brutally honest.


The second and third videos are even wilder. Bruh suggests that guys should give their girlfriends a cheat day every so often… and no he’s not talking about a diet cheat day. A full on, ‘go have fun with another guy’ day. Not many Nigerian guys will be happy to hear that kind of thing. Watch the videos




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