Tekno Grateful To God For Quitting Weed Addiction


Cartel Music boss Tekno is showing gratitude to God as he begins his drug rehab journey to quit weed smoking.

In a new video as posted on his Instagram story, Tekno was seem giving thanks to God for breaking away slowly from weed addiction. He said at the moment he doesn’t have to smoke weed to feel good about himself anymore.

While he is yet to quit smoking weed altogether, he can truly testify he isn’t an addict any longer as he smokes when he wants.

Because addiction causes changes in the brain, you might experience symptoms such as impulsivity and cravings. This can make quitting more difficult, but choosing effective treatment options can improve your ability to succeed.

When you’re addicted to a substance or behavior, you may experience symptoms of withdrawal when you stop. These symptoms are relieved temporarily when you start using the substance or doing the behavior again. But they go away permanently over time after you quit. If you need help with this condition, see here.

When your addictive behavior comes to the point of creating conflict, it is out of balance with other parts of your life. Even after making a commitment to quit and going through the withdrawal phase, these conflicts don’t simply go away.

The ‘Skeletun’ crooner some days ago lamented about working solely on his own without a manager. He publicly stated his need for a new manager after exiting TripleMG.




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