“Tekno Is Extremely Unprofessional”; Popular Kenyan Blogger Lashes Out!!


Kenya’s critically acclaimed blogger and media personel, Aurther Mandela popularly known as Xtian Dela, has called out Nigeria’s music sensation, Tekno, for being extremely unprofessional.

In a series of rants on twitter, the popular blogger accused the singer of getting drunk and ditching a show which kept fans really disappointed after the long wait at the Big Square.

According to Xtian; Tekno is extremely unprofessional. The guy went out clubbing and slept the whole day on Friday as we waited for him at Big Square.

In another tweet, the rants continued; You could just see the disappointment on people’s faces as they left Big Square when it was evident Tekno wasn’t going to show.

People paid Ksh 5,000 VIP at B-Club just to see Tekno and the guy never showed…He bounced Jeff and Jalas on Hot 96 on Friday morning too.

I weep for my Country..How I pray to see the day when we don’t worship Naija music and given crap by people like Tekno. Support Kenyan Music.

Although there have been no official response from the Tekno camp, this is the height of irresponsibility from the artiste.

See tweets and reactions below;



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