Taraji P Henson Is Now A Big WizKid Fan


Ok. Maybe saying big is a stretch, but famous American actress, Taraji P Henson is now a fan of Wizkid. Sh’s joined a host of Americans who over the past year have been slowly getting on with WizKid’s music including Kylie Jenner, Alicia Keys, and of course Drake.

Just yesterday, the singer posted on instagram of how she’s loving WizKid’s popular hit, Caro which also features his StarBoy artist, LAX. In the post she said “Who loves #worldmusic #musichealsthesavagebeast ever since @tymwallacehair turned me and @ashuntasheriff on to this one!!!!!!! I hit play and dance like nobody’s watchingtaraji-p-henson-wizkid

Go Taraji! Dance like no one is watching. Let’s get on that shoki P, and maybe even record it and post on instagram also.

In addition to a post on WizKid, she also posted about feeling Fela’s music also; “#worldmusic #YougivemeashitIgiveyoushit that simple!!! #felakuti.” But that shouldn’t surprise us. Fela has been an international brand since the 70s. No be today.




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