Sweetcorn Comes Hard at Olamide Over YBNL-Temmie Situation


Sweetcorn has come hard at Olamide‘s YBNL, for their handling of Temmi Ovwasa.

“My problem is not with Olamide at all, my problem is with YBNL. But obviously when something happens in Nigeria, who do you blame? You blame the president innit?,” the Ikenna crooner said.

Sweetcorn called the label out for being “misogynist”. He pondered why the label would flaunt all it’s male acts but keep Ms Ovwasa in the dark.

He compared the label to work places who demand sex before granting jobs to females who look attractive.

“I rather die standing for what I believe in than be a coward on my knees. YBNL is just like most companies in Nigeria so the sooner we start speaking up on misogyny, mental health & other social issues the better for us all. The change we’re looking for shld start from within us,” he shared via his Twitter handle.

An angry Sweetcorn called the label to order nd asked if they were “dogs”.

Watch clip below.


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