Susan Peters Has Some Words To Folks Who Were Not Feeling Her Outfit To The AMVCA! “You Wicked Souls”



Nollywood actress and fashion joke of the AMVCA, Susan Peters is clearly hella sensitive about what fans had to say about her outfit to the just concluded Africa Movie Viewer’s Choice Awards. She wore a Mai Atafo Inspired floral print blazer and black pants which she says were custom made for her in just 24 hours by Ohimai Atafo himself.

Here is what she had to say to the haters or rather Wicked Souls:

Thanks to @maiatafoinspired for my look# he put this design under 24hrs and some wicked soul will come and bad mouth# someone who is a designer and a lot of celebs av worn his designs# now I know why I watch animal planet cos some humans are truly wicked# I leave you negative people with the HolySpirit# Thanks to all those who applauded# thanks to my online true fam# God bless ma peeps#

We wont say what we think about this outfit, but you give us your opinion. Is this a Yay or Nay for Susan Peters.


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  1. I think she looks very chic and avant garde! Like a kind of Janelle Monae. very fashion forward. When jim Iyke wore short last year he was villified now Pharrell wore it and he is cool. Nigerians are very judgemental and mean when they don’t understand something. leave the girl alone. She rocks!


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