Styl-Plus Break Up. Tunde Changes Name & Sets Up Record Label




Remember the group Styl-Plus? Seems like forever right? The R&B group who broke into the music industry few years ago with hit song called “Olufunmi” may have finally gone their separate ways!!

The group who have been on a steady decline since their debut album have not been as successful and their most recent singles did not break waters at all.


Today we get news that Tunde Akimsanmi, a member of the group has re-branded himself and has decided to go solo recording several solo tracks and he now goes by the name NativeBoy. He has launched his own record label B.A.T Records and also his website,

We’re not exactly sure what the future holds for him, but we definitely wish him the best.


  1. Y u dey fuck up like dis? People used u guyz as an example 2
    Other groups.Now,tunde,u don fuck up.wat may have gone wrong?
    If its wat ui want 4 urself,then,best of luck but I wud have
    Loved u guys 2gether.Don’t 4get the name “STYL-PLUS” is madeup
    Of ur names….God Go Make U Guyz Bigger no matter how rough d
    Road 2 success may be…STYL-PLUS 4 eva…PRAAAAA!!!

  2. 1 is Soul, 2 is a company, 3 is a crowd.. The road to success is rough and really does nt need a crowd but a good team backing 1 soul! Tunde, All the best man!!


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