‘Stay out Of My Lane Or I Will F*cking Punch You With A Fist Full Of Rings’ Says Cynthia Morgan In Response To Queen’s Court Claims


It was reported here on Jaguda a few days of the disagreement between Pop singers Queen Ure and Cynthia Morgan over the word Popori or Porpori. Queen Ure accused Cynthia Morgan of using her invented word, which Cynthia disagreed with.

The issue has taken a different direction as cynthia finally responds to Queen and she went further to say that she will physically beat up Queen Ure if she dares to cross her path. The Northside Music Inc damsel made this threat in her response to Queen Ure’s reported court order restraining her (Cynthia) from using ‘Popori’. Read Cynthia’s response below

I was gonna keep quiet about this so called Queen Ure madness. Now I see she isn’t worth it. First of all, I never knew this lady existed because obviously she is not my generation I bet she started singing in the 1980’s my mum doesn’t even know you because you weren’t relevant in your time not to talk of now.

“First…Popori is a slang from the south where I hail from now madam you are a failed artist “Now let’s say I agree you won your failure Porpori and you copyrighted it…Now I want to know the f*cked up judicial system that gave you an injunction to order I miss Cynthia Morgan to court…

“Your wackass Porpori is with an “R” mine is without an “R” mine is “popori” so which judicial system is so messed up not to see this? And you lying all around that my song Popori has been banned from radios and shi..how? from where? Am gonna warn you this one last time.

“You need attention, seek it elsewhere…or I’ll go crazy on your old kuku as*… I didn’t steal your dead song nor hook you saying I stole your word. My dog sings better than you…stay out of my lane or I will f*cking punch you with a fist full of rings…I should be the one suing you for damages.

“Copyrighting the word “Popori” is like you copyrighting the word “Love” which is ridiculous…Ok, let us all be mad like you for a minute and say yay you won. But you copyrighted the word “Love” and your suing for the word “Luv”? Where is your case and your sense madam? You want attention, get your n*des out like you always send to young boys…lol..i know your story.. and it is super. Don’t let me start! End your madness, “or I go carry you for back take run” old retard,”

This one na serious matter…lol..


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