Stardom Nigeria Media Meet And Greet


Stardom Nigeria is a first of its kind TV show that celebrates the art of musicianship by spotlighting the essential skillset required to make a hit song wielded by the vocalist, songwriter and music producer. It takes a huge step beyond the cookie-cutter ‘singer hugging the limelight’ routine.

 In an already saturated space sporting different iterations of the same basic idea, Stardom Nigeria is a showcase of more than one sound, as it explores the diversity of Nigerian music. There are currently a lot of TV show formats, but this unique, homegrown approach brings a whole new dynamic to the industry, bearing primarily the African viewer in mind, yet retaining enough originality and international appeal to comfortably stand side by side with other popular formats.

As part of the PR activities scheduled for the participants, the top 24 finalists had a mini press parley on the 30th of December 2018, at the 5th-floor poolside of the prestigious Lagos continental hotel. It was an avenue for the contestants to share their experience on the journey so far, and what their fans, supporters and Nigeria as a whole should expect as they proceed into the next stage of the competition. The event had in attendance Nigerian ace vocalist, Segun Obe and representatives of notable media houses across the numerous online and print media platforms of communication.

Stardom Nigeria is one competition for three winners who stand to win prizes worth $30,000, and a hit track with a mystery top selling artiste. The show currently airs on EbonyLife DSTV channel 165 and StarTimes channel 189. Here are some pictures from the event.

Below are some of the photos from Stardom Nigeria Media Meet and Greet;


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