Speed Darlington Mocks Tunde Ednut; “There’s no coming back again o!”

Tunde Ednut and Speed Darlington
Tunde Ednut and Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington has mocked social media influencer, Tunde Ednut, over the loss of his Instagram account.

Instagram had deactivated Mr Ednut’s account that had massive followership (over 2.7 million followers). Since then, his fans and well wishers have reacted.

It is no news that Speedy and Tunde are not in good terms. “Life Na chuku chuku,” Speedy said as he mocked the influencer.

Mr Darlington has also been a victim of suspended accounts. Over nine accounts belonging to the singer has been deactivated. He bragged saying he had battled them over and over again to maintain an account.

He went on to say people would always want to bring you down whenever one is in a juicy position.

Watch clip below.


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