Sinzu Denies Involvement In Any Kind Of Debit Card Fraud; Blames Godwon For Staring Rumors



Word has spread through the internet over the last couple of days that Sinzu is possibly being looked for by Police Authorities in Houston over a debit card scam. A surveillance video which was posted online showed a young man who had a striking resemblance to Sinzu walk into a convenient store and withdraw money from an ATM. According to authorities, that was the person being sought after for a debit card scam.

Authorities are looking for a man wanted for withdrawing money from a victim’s bank account at an ATM in southwest Houston.

See Video Below:

Sinzu has come out to deny any involvement with any kind of debit card fraud, and denies he’s a wanted person. He took it a step further to say that former friend turn foe, Godwon, is the one responsible for the rumors. But according to, Sinzu real name Babalola Falemi has been indicted on false use of identification in Texas.


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Godwon, real name, Neyu Naya, also has had his name in the news as word of a prior run in with authorities also leaked online. A case in which he was convicted of robbery. Even though he seems to be adding fuel to the fire of rumors surrounding Sinzu, he’s had his own issues surface online also.

This will without a doubt add to the already tense relationship between the former friends and now mortal enemies.




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