Simi comes at AG Baby for watching football while she mixes his song


Couple goals right here! While AG Baby was watching the Super Eagles of Nigeria play at teh ongoing AFCON, his wife Simi, was mixing his new tune.

AG was excited to see how his country’s team was playing and couldn’t help but tweet; “Super Eagles dey ball abeg!”.

Simi responded saying she was mixing his song and he has the audacity to watch football. “I’m mixing your song and you have audacity to be watching ball,” Simi wrote.

Before coming at her husband, Simi explained how she was mixing a song and used some bit of “LazyGenius” to it.

“Mixing a song and because I didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up studio, I just recorded one backing vocal on my voice recording app on my phone and dropped it in Logic. Lazy Genius.”

On the other hand, Adekunle Gold has promised to release a new track this January and an album in February.


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