Shots Fired! Kelly Hansome Disses MI Once Again On Twitter


So just last week, we posted a video where MI in an interview said he was done with any beef tracks, and is all about positivity.

Well apparently, Kelly Hansome is not on that same P, at least not initially. He took to twitter to air out his grievances with Mr Incredible, which included MI still performing his famous diss track, Beef.

We can say a lot, but just go ahead and read for yourselves.

But one thing is clear to me now, it’s either Kelly Hansome is really pained by whatever MI did to offend him, or he’s just loving the attention. You decide.






  1. Kelly nna biko calm down..wats all dis shiii abot..u can’t gve us gud muzik u jst wanna stay relevant by dissin MI Ali(D’great)..u get luck it aint Modo(Grand Master 9) ur career go down ogbeni drop d shiii we dnt wanna hear ur beef tracks again..or else person wey no reach u go pick up d beef wen MI refuse 2 reply u den u wil no d shiii is abot 2 get realer..abi u don dry of gud songs..?

  2. Kelly hansome is a literate pig. I just hate every thing about this fake igbo guy. People that u started music before, are now milion miles ahead of u. ONLY ONE KELLY THAT I NO KELLY ROWLAND. Idiot maga no pay again abi. Broke nigga HAVE U EATING WHY ARE U HATING! SEE WOWO PIKIN DEY FORM HANDSOME KELECHUKWU CLAP FOR YOURSELF WELLDONE, M.I IS A LEGEND IN THE MAKING MAICKON, WHY ARE U MAD OF HIS FLOW U BE TANPON!

  3. Kele I remember when we met in d studio u form like say na shit we b but when MI come dat same studio him hell all guys even follow us sitdown day gist with us like say we don no each other b4.jst wanna say MI is better dan u he is a good raper & a nice guy but u ar a punk ass beach.ABAGA MI is more social dan u friendly to evryone but. u kele day like form like say u don b star while na coke u still b hahahaha punk ass like u

  4. I swear can’t just stop laffin to some comment here I think kelly shud just face his career squarely n stp dis beefin all in d name of MI stil performin*BEEf*may b my great bro MI shudnt perform it anymor..howeva,kelly shud b ashamed for even tweetin that he’s just *outta jail*what example r u showin to potentaial acts..It’s u again that left ur label with breach of contract..Just sitdown n do sumfin productive with urself..Stop Hating#shikena

  5. KELE! You are just an empty vessel, mentioning d name MI is what makes us all listen to dat piece of trash from ur stinking mouth u call music, ur carreer go soon finiSh, ur battery don dey empty, LOL

  6. Kelly u need 2 grow nd stop beefin m.I if not cookies wizzy will act on you not eveb m.I so plsss kelly grow or go back to the cafe pllllsssssss…..@empiresquads

  7. Pls guys dis is no time to favour any1 here. Dis 2guys are gud. Kelly n MI are 2of d best act here in Naija n beyond.@Kelly, I enjoy ur music n hungry 4more of it pls Quit d diss n giv us smthg to rekindle our ginga spirit cos Maga must pay oooooo.@MI ur d best rapa nw 4AFRICA BABA tuale. Pls wanna feat in ur song n pls quit d diss ur d boss with unspeakable swaggz.

  8. Ehnn kele I like ur strategy, u noticed ur name has left d lips of fans once again so u decided 2 show urself again lol nice strategy u tru tru b ibo boi. Bu w8 oh nor b ur mate GLO, MTN, Etisalat dey sign? Nor go hustle make somtin sign u dey hate on person success 4 thr

  9. kelly kelly, kelly my main man, dah ikpa udo ame seme tutu, u wan mk ur fans folo go cupboard like you? Nah dt can’t happen, u dy sing africa unite bt u dey boko haram africans on tweeter, wat r u, a false prophet or anti christ? Abeg go luk for poison drink die cox death na d best career for u. Unam ikot mkpo, ekpo inoh mkpo, beef oo no stp to dey beef cox d day u stp ur blokos go cut off, mumu. MI Abaga is d greatest. Ur mates av gone places n if u no dey cupboard, u go dey beef , pls try do sumting reasonable for urself n stp dos poor act of urs BASTRD FOOL of all time

    • Paul or wat eva u call urself,talk 2 dat nigga wit sum respect, his is one of naija stars,let’s face d truth here while will m.I still be performing d beef track? Wen dey said no beef again,dat nigga was on his own dis time til m.I went and wake him up, let’s all b tellin ourself d truth, we all knw dat m.I is good wen it cumz 2 rap, kelly is also good wen it cumz 2 his own music,if I could remember lol u enjoy his former album 2much moni, so why puttin all d blame on him now? He is stil our own and gud, let’s stop all dis beef of a tin course u guys re nt helpin matters either!!

  10. Mi is crazy,kelly is mad.n all u dt commented on this r stupid n xtrimli foolish.can u c dangote,mike adenuga or any rich n known persn comment on ds bur wen u dnt av wat 2 eat n money 2 b called ur own,den ur whole body turns into devilz workshop.bera work on ow 2 make ur own name b4 u can av a ryt 2 speak atall.speeches r nt meant 4 dt into y’all skull.FOOLS

  11. M.I? Yes i knw.
    Kelly Rowland? Yes
    R kelly? Yes
    Kelly Clarkson?yes
    Kelly beautiful/preety/handsome/hunk etc? I forgot he exsisted untill now.
    All in all, i’ll say he has succeeded in getting our attention. So now we remember and know him to be the guy that Keke and D1 vowed will take Tuface’s place then.
    I remeber him to be the guy who sang about too much money from singing, but unfortunately hardly made kobo.
    In conclusion i’m not a fan of any of the two, but i think beef should be created when it’s necessary, cause i can’t really see the beef here. M.I is a rapper while he is a singer. M.I is made while he still struggling. Kelly is tall while M.I is short etc. I mean they are just word and opposite. So y the beef?

  12. Y’all are just soo stupid except from cruelcyc..MI is this, Kelly is that…
    Its only in nigeria I know that celebs are just stupid and mad.. I don’t hear either of them songs frm what I read here, M I is the smal man here cos he’s d one still doing the beef tracks and Kelly is busy making the money come.. So y u usless and jobless pple who comment try and fae ur own biz and think of how to make ur life good.. I don’t know how som1’s beef is afecting u in anyway.. Taking panadol for som1’s headache..crazy mf’s


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