Shots Fired! Jay Sleek To Don Jazzy


Shots Fired! Popular producer and now one of Dbanj’s producers took a shot at Don Jazzy via twitter earlier this morning claiming he saw Don Jazzy and wanted to “hail” but Don Jazzy was reluctant to say hi.

In his words, “omo I set hail @DONJAZZY today for industry night and he was reluctant to say hi! Na wa oh!”

Interesting development in this on going Dbanj and Don Jazzy saga! Even though, both Dbanj and Don Jazzy have remained silent recently, it seems members of both camps have been involved in some sort of shots firing or the other.

Jay Sleek produced a nice string of hits including Oluwa Lo ni by WizKid, and Implication by 2face.




  1. Me got narin much 2 say pls don’t mind ma spellins…m not done wif ma longman…sleek I fink u shuld jez b on ya own grind…no b say u dey hungry ,abi u won dey do ‘omo ota’. As u hala am him no acknolege jez free him n God….

  2. C waitin b dat ur name so take tym u nd don papa J una knw b mate @ all b4 I cm dat gidi cm beat u I knw blame u if knw b 2baba wr u 4 dey animal

  3. Jay sleek or whatever, just bcuz u managed to share the letter J with don baba J doesn’t put u on his level. U beta enjoy ur shine as a boy and stop trailing the path of men,next time if he doesn’t hail you,go to his front and “do bale” on d floor dats aw u respect ur elders,ask.
    d banj he will teach you. Look at urself in d mirror dats don jazzy of ten years ago, you have a long way to go. Try producing an album, den u”ll no whtas up.attention seeker

  4. Jay sleek our elders say “when. a child washes his hands he dines with the elders” bros try using
    “morning fresh and eva water” to wash up ur hands u just might get a hello from ,naija”s finest producer

  5. Jay sleek ask “scott torch” (dats if u know who dat is,ok lemme help u out , d guy who produced make it rain and just a lil bit)what happenned to his carreer when he tried to cook up issues with Timbaland face it jay ur just a piano man and
    don jazzy is the real producer. Men with class have nothing to do with boys who got high school swag, except probably to advice them to stop wearing ear rings and using shades in the dark


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