Shots Fired! Is Brymo Taking Shots at Former Label, Chocolate City?



We’ll leave you with the tweets and you decide for yourself, but we think it’s pretty self explanatory given the not too cordial break up between Brymo and Chocolate City.

There have been numerous rumors surrounding the break up, and the strongest of them being Brymo’s dissatisfaction with the way his last album was handled and promoted.

In similar news, Brymo’s album, Merchants Dealers and Slaves, released this past sunday is out in stores and on itunes now.

Anyways… Check out the tweets. It could be that it’s all about something else… Maybe:




  1. I think he has to say his Mind, audu maikori nd d so called chocolate city, r looters. Bro u’v got game, just continue to do good music. U will get there.


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