Seyi Shey Fumbled At Nigerian Entertainment Conference As She Couldn’t Recite The National Anthem


According to Saturday Beats, Nigerian female singer Seyi Shay messed up at the recently held Nigerian Entertainment Conference . Read below on how it was reported

Seyi Shay is blessed with a voice that can melt a stone, no wonder she has been rising and rising since she came into the industry few years ago. Perhaps, it was because of her great vocal chords that the organisers of a recent event in Lagos invited her to perform at the event.
And when the event kicked off, they thought that the best person to sing the national anthem was Seyi Shay, the singer in the house. Oh yes, she started very well, the first stanza of the national anthem was so smooth and silky in her mouth as she rendered the anthem effortlessly.
She would have earned a high score for her efforts, but dear Seyi lost it at the second stanza of the anthem. She fumbled and jumbled the lines, repeating the lines of the first
stanza for the second.
But she was able to catch up almost immediately and she continued as if no harm was done.
The MC at the event, thereafter, tried to water down the goof by joking that only a few would be able to recite the second stanza of the anthem.
Crest fallen Seyi wasn’t happy as Saturday Beats saw her being escorted by another female outside the event venue. It was written all over her face that she was totally embarrassed and may have wished she practiced more before climbing the stage.


  1. Please don’t put too much blames on mam Sheyi because nobody’s above mistakes. It can even happen to the president of a republic………………..


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