Seyi Shay Unviels Stunning Images In New Collection “The Corruption Of Eve”


Top Nigerian songstress Seyi Shay releases glamorous new photos in a photo editorial called “The Corruption of Eve”. This photo editorial is directed by fast rising photographer Remi Adetiba and was shot at the Lekki conservation Centre, Lagos.

This photo editorial was recently showcased at the 2015 edition of the Lagos Photo Festival among a select iconic photographs that are of symbolic stature in Nigerian music. The Corruption of Eve reconstructs the story of the fall of man in a more modern light with Seyi Shay staring as the first woman “Eve”.  There are four major scenes in this photo editorial; the first depicts Adam and Eve in the innocence of their nakedness. Seyi Shay is dressed in a flowy, ethereal gown, whose nude tone closely matches her skin colour to give a less obvious interpretation of Eve’s nudity.

In the second scene we witness the dramatic emergence of the serpent, played by a striking male model in a full snakeskin suit, seducing Eve and tempting her with the forbidden fruit.The Final Scenes depict our Eve fleeing the garden after succumbing to the serpent’s proposal. Her innocence is lost and she can no longer remain in its purity. She is dressed in gorgeous, dramatically movement-friendly garments with leaf prints/appliques signifying her covering her nakedness. The photo editorial ends with Eve, having fully accepted her fall from grace; she is seen in a luxury car (ostensibly in the present day), wearing a sexy snake-print dress. She and her corrupter are now one.

“The Corruption of Eve” features a slide show that tells a strong story with every photo linking to the next like pieces to a puzzle. The photos in themselves feature strong and engaging visuals that depict Seyi Shay as being on top of the pecking order. As this would relate with her in the entertainment industry, following a succession of hits Seyi Shay was recently signed by international music company Island Records and she has announced she will be releasing her debut album “Seyi or Shay” on November 13, 2015.


See Photos below;

Seyi Shay 8

Seyi Shay 7

Seyi Shay 6

Seyi Shay 5

Seyi Shay 4

Seyi Shay 3

Seyi Shay 2

Seyi Shay


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