Being A Sexy Lady And A Dancer Is An Advantage – Emma Nyra

Emma Nyra

Former TripleMG first lady Emma Nyra discussed in a chat what gives her a comparative advantage over other females colleagues in the music industry.

Emma Nyra broke into the Nigerian music scene on the heels of Iyanya’s hit song “Your Waist”, in which she played a dual role as a video vixen and featured artiste told Vanguard that what separates her from other colleagues is her sexy dance.

Being a successful musician is not all about knowing how to sing; but having an additional element and knowing how to exploit it. For Emma Nyra, in addition to her singing talent, being a sexy lady with impressive dance skills are added advantages for her, therefore she exploits both to enhance her musical craft.

“As a musician, you can have a full package. Like Dbanj, he uses his Harmonica; so you’ll just put everything together. I love the way I look so I‘m putting it along with my music because it helps to enhance my musical talent. If it’s about being sexy then I won’t sing, I’ll just go on stage, dance and leave but it would be same reaction. But I love to sing so I dance and I do all of that along with my music.”


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