#SexForGrades: This is Not the Time for Baseless Animosity, Falz Responds to Ozzy Etomi


Nigerian rapper, Falz has responded to a Twitter feminist, Ozzy Etomi for calling him out for not responding to a recent undercover investigation that exposed activities of sexual harassment by lecturers in Nigeria and Ghana.

The investigation by Kiki Mordi was published on the BBC and sparked off widespread reactions, especially on social media.

Ozzy Etomi called out Falz for refusing to speak on an issue he is passionate about saying “Where is Falz. A topic he’s passionate about has been trending all day and we haven’t heard a peep.”

Falz finally responded saying “I don’t think this is a time for baseless animosity. I have and will always speak up against all forms of sexual abuse. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. What we should be doing is working together to get rid of this dysfunctional system that allows women to be taken advantage of.”


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