Sean Tizzle’s Claim Of Love And Affection For DJ Cuppy Reveals His Unwanted Girlfriend


So Sean Tizzle has been blaming bloggers for ending his relationship with DJ Cuppy who is the daughter of Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola.

In his recent media spill, Tizzle said he and DJ Cuppy were about making amends before the media brought their bad belle and spoilt the show and since then he claims to be single while the disco jockey on the other hand, has kept mute as regards the issue. However, there’s been a little twist to the story as an anonymous lady has made a shocking revelation.

The lady who contacted the comment section on instagram revealed that she had been in a relationship with the Sholee singer. The lady said she has been patient with the singer and even sacrificed a lot to see that their relationship works just to wake to the news that DJ Cuppy was actually who he loved..




So I’m guessing Sean Tizzle’s claim of love and affection is breaking another heart. I sense a yoroba demon at work…


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