Samklef ‘literally’ washes his hands off pastors and politicians

Nigerian music producer and singer, Samklef !

Samklef, who can pass as a controversial producer and singer, has come out to say he has washed his hands of pastors and politicians.

The producer is famous for sharing controversial views and statements.

However, in a recent post where he ‘literally’ washed his hands, Samklef says let us (Nigerians) return to cruise.

“On this day I wash my hands of all radically themed debate and posts, just like the day I quit cigarettes, today I stop all talks about pastors and politicians.

“My love and passion for spreading awareness to my people will no longer be the driving force of my content.

“You can take a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink,” he posted via his Instagram handle.

In July, Samklef said he had quit smoking but his most recent controversial opinion was when he said he no longer believes in Hell of Heaven.

Several Nigerian reacted to his views, but well, he says he will no longer air his controversial views anymore.

Watch clip below.


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