Saeon Paid An Artist N1.5 Million For A Feature But Can’t Even Get A Retweet


Saeon, who just released her EP “I Am Saeon” today, put out a very interesting post on instagram yesterday and it reads “Folks be like I never charge artistes for features, but I’m 1.5m short and I couldn’t even get a retweet, anyway it’s turn by turn“. She continues “Anyway, it’s turn buy turn

Now when we look through the catalog of Saeon’s songs with major appearances we find that WizKid might be the one person that actually fits the bill of this sub. She featured the StarBoy is her single, Boogie, which was released earlier this year.

Well she hasn’t come out directly to say it’s about WizKid but it sure seems like it. Well make we dey observe sha. 2nd time WizKid is getting called out today alone.

Now if there was a receipt for that 1.5 million then this would not be an issue would there?

10729278_287764658098221_1047300500_n saeon-tweet




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