Rukky Sanda Attacks Nigerian Senator


With all the xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa, a Nigerian Senator called out for Nigerians to attack South African owned businesses e.g MTN, Multichoice et al.

Now that’s just plain silly, and Nollywood actress Rukky Sanda attacked him on the issue with the following statement posted on instagram:

Where do I begin? When I was goin to post about this about 4days ago, if I did I’m sure I’d have written a whole paragraph as I had too many words running thru my head from watching videos of attacks on innocent victims to arrogant silly South African man saying to the camera that Nigerians have to go cos they take their women & their jobs… #smh looking into his lazy eyes as he spoke was single handedly the most stupid thing I’d ever heard a full grown man say, but that aside I guess this images speak for themselves… I’d say this much tho’ as regards what I read and images being circulated on social media and few acts already being engaged by Nigerians on South African countries in Nigeria, and worst of all watching a Nigerian Senator on NTA lastNight encouraging Nigerians to attack companies like MTN & MultiChoice amongst others is totally despicable.

Firstly 98% of ppl working in these companies are Nigerians so how exactly will causing harm to our very own people or building the idea help end #xenophobia? Destroying properties of our very own with the hope that Companies will bare the loss? Cos I’m quite confused. It is a critical time, we are hurt, we are furious we want them to pay but Violence is not the Solution to Violence, cos as far as I’m concerned to “BeLittle”, is to “Be Little” and we will never be any better than the people committing this totally sinful and shameful act if we bring ourselves to lay In the mud with them. We have to be united to fight, we have to maintain positivity, we have to stay strong and most of all be united as #ONE… Let ur Voice be heard, Africa Is One, Put An End to XENOPHOBIC acts��. #stand4peace&unity… #violenceIsNotTheAnswer2violence. ������


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