Rita Edmond Denies Being Pregnant For Phyno


It has been recently rumoured that Rita Edmond an upcoming female vocalist  is pregnant for Phyno. She explained to The Sun Newspaper that the pregnancy rumoured in some way boasted her career and she’s not in an affair with Phyno. Read her interview below.

How did the Pregnancy Rumour Affect your Life?

The Phyno saga actually hit me like a ton of bricks! I had no idea where the story came from. It was so embarrassing. People kept calling to ask if I was actually pregnant for Phyno. The news was everywhere.
It went viral on social media. Honestly, I laughed when the first person mentioned it. I thought it was just a joke until she told me it was a hot item in the news. I was shocked when I saw my picture and Phyno’s on social media stating the heartbreaking rumour. I actually cried because of the dirt on my image as a young lady. But I have put it behind me and moved on

Are you trying to avoid the relationship issue?

I never dated Phyno and I don’t intend to go into a romantic relationship with him. But, he is a nice and handsome guy even if I have a crush on him; it will be because of his style of music.

What if Phyno decides to ask you out?

Let him come and ask me out then we will find out (laughter).

How did the rumour affect your career?

It affected my career positively. People were happy because Phyno is loved by many. In fact, I won’t mince words be­cause the experience opened doors for me. Wherever I go, before I say Jackie Robinson, people ask ‘Are you Rita Edmond, Phyno’s girlfriend?’ And I tell them that no, I am Rita Edmond but I am not dating Phyno. They give me preferential treatment whereever I go. It has actually helped me to make meaningful friendships in the entertainment industry.


Are you in a relationship?

Honestly, I have someone in my life but it is my private life. Most people have been asking on social media if the guy in the video of Lovy Lovy is my man. Let me state here categorically that he is not my boyfriend but a model

Source: The Sun


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