Rema Replies OAP Do2dtun Regarding Issues With DJ Neptune


Rema has reacted to what OAP Dodtun said about him recording the song with DJ Neptune privately. He took to Twitter again to set the record straight.

Recall Rema took DJ Neptune to the cleaners in a rant that saw Rema say that his Intellectual Property was released on the former’s new release; ‘Greatness 2.0

In case you missed it, here’s the rant:

And so it began, Do2dtun who is an OAP and the infamous ‘Energy gAD‘ stepped in to mediate; explaining that there are better approaches to the situation. his statement:

And that’s how we got here:

Rema most likely saw what Do2dtun had to say and has replied him. The reply however leaves many questions unanswered. And we look forward to bringing you those updates.


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