Reactions Trail Brymo’s Controversial Rape Tweet

Brymo and Twitter fans.

While the issue of ‘rape’ in the country has been trending, Brymo’s controversial tweet has kept twitter users busy.

Earlier, JAGUDA had published the voices of Nigerian entertainers saying “We Are Tired”. That hashtag (#WeAreTired) was created by UMG singer, Tiwa Savage, who later came out and asked Nigerians to make more constructive contributions.

Meanwhile, Brymo went on twitting spree. What may have sounded like sarcasm to the Yellow crooner, placed him on the spot.

“Is Rapist a new word for anyone doing something of note these days ??,” Brymo twitted.

Recall that he (Brymo), was also accused of rape a few weeks back. So it could be possible that the Nigerian entertainer was referring to himself in the tweet. Probably the wrong time to do so?

He went on to say his accuser should be bold enough to appear in public and present their case in court.

“Tell my accuser to come out and put a name and face to their claim, in the presence of the law or shut your stinking guts..”


“Rape” being a sensitive issue, has caused Brymo dragged by many Nigerians. However, some other have called on the public to read and dissect the tweet on a more rational note.


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