REACTIONS: See What Fans Feel About Vector’s Response To M.I’s “#JudasTheRat”


Reactions have trailed Vector’s response to M.I Abaga’s “#JudasTheRat” as the hip hop space gets hotter.

Early last week, M.I released a reply to Vector titled “The Viper (A Letter to Vector). Opinion pool suggested M.I has done a fantastic on the diss track.

However, Vector’s reply is currently trending and this is what fans have to say about it.

See responses below;



  1. Comment:mehn…..I mean Vector made a terrible mistake by mentioning Jesse in the diss track, Jesse is going to finish his ass off the rap planet

  2. Get a ladder I’ve something for you on top of the shelf, guess what I see V.😡😠. Stop running why you running cos I don’t want you to diss me again!!please!!

  3. Comment:For two grown up men to be exchange words and spitting fire lyrically is a no no for me. Could all these be early signs of senescence on the part of these two?
    Lanre u for just face MI, why drag his brother in na?

  4. Vector is struggling, it takes him to release 3 disc to match with 1 MI disc. MI disc is timeless, I believe vector will soon release the 4th as he has already leaked DM. Very childish.

  5. RIP ⚰ vector
    Vector u don’t have flows
    Watin concern u concern jasse?
    If u want to be a king, go apologize to ur governor MI

  6. Comment:I never love Nigeria musicians but vector made me have interest….. the diss track was a break down for M.I with huge missile lyrics and encoding words.


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