Reactions As Samklef’s Fantasy on Tems ‘Ass’ Comes to Pass

Tems on bikini
Tems on bikini

Some weeks ago, Nigerian producer Samklef, took to his Twitter handle to say everybody including himself could not wait to see Tems ‘ass’.

He got a lot of bashing but had a lot of people who were on his side.

He later deleted the tweet and apologised.

Today! the fast riser and Damage crooner, Tems, took to her InstaStory and shared photos of herself in a pool. The singer wore a bikini and stroke an attractive pose.

I am guessing Samklef would be somewhere on his phone saying “I told you so” considering the reactions from Nigerians as she has caused a bit of a frenzy.

This goes as far as saying Samklef was right, maybe?

See reactions below.


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