PR Stunt Gone Wrong; Artist SkiiBii Dies Then Resurrects


It’s a story that sounds like something from a nollywood movie really. It’s not often that you hear of someone dying, and then hours later you hear he’s not dead anymore.

Earlier today, 5 Star Music reported to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji that their artist, Skiibii had collapsed and died in his living room. In the message they also attached a picture of him slumped on the ground (I mean who takes pictures of someone that just died?). The message was confirmed by a manager at the label, Soso Soberekon. In addition to that, Soso also posted a candle light image on his instagram. 

But then, just 2 hours ago, Kcee posted a message on his instagram saying that SkiiBii is actually not dead. Indicating that something happened, and he’s responding to treatment. According to Linda Ikeji, Kcee told her he wanted her to be the first one to break the news that he’s “back to life”. (How odd?)

Now here’s the thing, Skiibii just released a single not too long ago, and more than likely 5 star music is pulling a PR stunt, but a very dangerous one. Pretty sad, because many fans and celebrities were already sending goodwill  messages and prayers for the Skiibii and his family. Radio stations were doing the same. Disgusting PR stunt.

A few things to note in this whole fiasco; 1. Before you announce death to the public, you make sure the person is pronounced dead by a medical officer. 2. You don’t take pictures and send to media houses literally moments after this “death”. Finally, why will someone say “I want you to be the first to announce that he’s ‘back to life’?”

This is a PR stunt gone wrong, and quite honestly might do way more damage than good to Skiibiii and his music career. This is a complete disgrace to Nigerian music. Fame and attention cannot be that serious. Can it?

If it does turn out that this was a mistake and he did actually collapse, then we’re glad he’s ok. 


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