Portable is unique, cannot be compared to me — Terry G

Terry G and Portable.
Terry G and Portable.

Terry G has reacted to fans who have compared him to controversial singer Portable.

Gabriel Oche Amanyi (Terry G) during his glory days, was also an artiste for the streets. His contents were generally accepeted on the streets as well. At some point, he was considered controversial too.

This day and time, Portable is being compared to the ‘Free Madness’ crooner.

Reacting to the comparison in a recent interview with PUNCH, Terry G said the singer is “unique” and should be given a chance.

“It is a good thing. I love Portable so much. Despite the fact that I did the ‘crazy genre’ of music, it does not mean that somebody else cannot be inspired and still unique.

Terry G and Portable.
Terry G and Portable.

“He is quite unique. There is nothing he has that can be compared to mine, musically and intellectually. I feel nobody should shut him out. He cannot be stopped. If he stops talking, what else will happen? That is his style.

“It (controversies) did not just start from me. It started with different guys that represented the streets, and it will still continue. It is normal,” Terry G said.

Terry was popular back in the days. He made hit releases such as; Free Madness, Akpako, Run Mad, Trowey, Sangalow and several others.

He (Portable) rose to limelight after his debut song “Zazu Zeh” which featured YBNL boss Olamide and dancer Poco Lee.

After gaining some popularity, he then began to make the news, mostly negatibe stuff. He is popular for making controversial comments.

The most recent, was him claiming to have created the “One Million Boys,” a deadly cult group in Lagos.

The Nigeria Police Force invited the singer for investigation after his comments.