Police Denies Arresting D’banj Accuser Seyitan


New information from the Nigerian Police is that Seyitan Babtayo who accused D’banj of rape was never arrested. It was reported some weeks ago that D’banj through his team had unlawfully arrested Seyitan and coerced her to recant her abuse story.

According to new revelation as corroborated by social activist Segun Awosanya better know as Sega insinuates that Seyitan was at no point taken into police custody by D’banj and his team.

In a lengthy thread on Twitter, Sega gave his own side of the story as he was allegedly involved in getting justice for Seyitan. He revealed that Seyitan wasn’t actually arrested but somehow the parties involved opted for an out of court settlement.

His thread can be summarised as follows ‘Seyitan was never detained, Seyitan‘s Mum wanted to settle out of court and her mum was with her together with her lawyer & neither of them were detained’.

You can read a bit of Sega’s thread below with the full details on Twitter.


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