Photos: The Stunning MBGN 2015 Contestants


MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-12 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-10

MBGN also known as ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria’ pageant is here again, and 37 beautiful girls, one from each state of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory will compete for the crown to be won  in the city of Calabar on Saturday October 24th.

The grand finale of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant will be televised live on Silverbird Television. The event will also be streamed live on the SilverbirdTV website

Here are the photos of the beautiful contestants. Who will you be rooting for?


MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-2 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-7 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-14 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-5 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-15 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-13 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-1 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-9 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-37 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-4 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-21 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-26 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-6 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-8 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-27 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-24 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-23 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-25 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-31 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-29 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-20 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-33 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-17 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-30 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-34 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-32 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-35 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-22 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-19 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-18 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-3 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-36 MBGN-2015-BellaNaija-16 untitled (27)


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