Photos: Amazing!!! Lepacious Bose Looses A Huge Amount Of Weight


Its really amazing what popular Nigerian comedian Lepacious Bose, has done with her body!!. After much time spent in the gym, the comedian and actor had a positive result to show for it.

This is what Bose had to say about her new figure;

“These days I just love taking pictures, it’s amazing how far av come from acting like I love the camera, and actually loving it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, make a choice, start today, a little walk, a little exercise, a conscious healthier eating habit….it all comes together slowly but surely, you too can loose that weight, let’s enjoy this journey together. Almost 2yrs on this journey and I can’t stop smiling. #lovinglife”

See photos below;

Lepacious-Bose3 Lepacious-Bose2 Lepacious-Bose1 (2)



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